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Saturday, 24 September 2016

So What’s Up With Those Dogs All Round Brighton?

If you’ve walked anywhere in Brighton and Hove recently, you can’t have helped but notice the decorated dogs that are dotted all around town. But what’s the story?

So, if you’re like me you’ll have seen The Snowman, and had a little sob at the end. Well, the story didn’t actually stop there. Oh no. There was a snow dog, and that’s what these little fellas are all about.

More than 40 Snowdog and 20 pup sculptures were produced, all blank, and sent out to artists and schools to be decorated. So each one is unique and painted to represent a different theme.
The event is in aid of Martlets, a charity that cares for people living through terminal illnesses in the Brighton and Hove area. As well as a Snowdog trail (you can pick up a map from Brighton Toy and Model Museum) there are any number of other fundraising events based on the dogs and pups including a fun run, a Snowdogs trail open top bus tour and, at the event, each one of the Snowdogs will be auctioned off to raise money for the Martlets charity work.

If you love the Snowdogs but you can’t wait to buy your own, or don’t have space for one in your home (come on, they are massive!) then get down to one of the Martlets charity shops where they will be selling Snowdog merchandise, souvenirs and gifts.
You can read more about Martlets and Snowdogs by liking their Facebook page, following on Twitter or visiting the Snowdog website.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Is It A Bird? Is It A 'Plane? No! It's A Playday!

Will you be coming to the next Brighton Toy and Model Museum playday? The theme is "In The Sky". Could mean anything, couldn't it?
It could mean Aeroplanes, the Flying Trapeze at the circus, birds, tightrope walkers, balloons, the birds, even the stars and astronauts!
Make up your own mind and then come along to see if you were right (nothing is ever wrong when you make it up yourself!). We'll be having the usual mix of stories, facepainting, arts and crafts and an assortment of toys to play with too.
Looking forward to seeing you and having a brilliant playday.

The Trains And Railways Of India: A Lecture From Lawrence Marshall

We're proud, and yes, a little bit excited to be welcoming Lawrence Marshall to Brighton Toy and Model Museum as he will be here to deliver a speech on the memories he has of his experience working and travelling on the trains and railways of India.

The railways play a huge part in the history of India which is often overlooked. They made the movement of goods, people and information much easier and faster which in turn enabled agricultural, economic and political growth. Before the railways people would shun travelling long distances because of the heat and discomfort involved in traversing the roads, goods made in one region would remain in that area as moving them was difficult, expensive and often dangerous while it could be said that Gandhi would have had far less impact in political and social reform had he had to travel the subcontinent by road instead of rail. Indeed, his first act of civil disobedience was to be thrown from the First Class compartment of a train when he was in South Africa. This was first of many non-violent acts that he brought to India which eventually led to Indian independence.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Moon! Mooon! Mooooooooon!

The latest addition to the Museum lobby is a slightly gobsmacking specialist scientific two-foot-diameter contoured globe of The Moon.

Specially created as one of a set of four after the NASA lunar missions, the globe is an authentic dark grey (the Moon only looks white when its airless surface is fiercely illuminated by the Sun), and is marked out with landing sites for the Apollo missions.

Too big for our usual shelved storage, we put The Moon straight out into the museum while we decide what to do with it long-term. It's currently presiding over the front corner of the Glamour of Brighton display – this is a purely temporary display position, but who knows ... the counter volunteers are getting kinda used to it being there ...  

Saturday, 13 August 2016

We’ll have stories, facepainting, arts and crafts, toys and games and all the good stuff you’d normally expect from one of our monthly PlayDay events. Tickets are less than the regular price of an adult ticket and allow one child and accompanying adult into the museum venue as well as all of the activities.
Things start at 2 and finish at 4.30 but feel free to arrive anytime in between. And as always, if your cubs feel like dressing up in a jungley style they should! We always encourage a bit of dress-up.
Tickets are £5.50, or half price for members and patrons and are available in the foyer on the day.
We’re looking forward to seeing you all here, under the train station!

Like our Facebook page to keep up to date with all the special events that we put on throughout the year. You’ll be glad you did!

Saturday, 30 July 2016

What’s Happening at Brighton Toy and Model Museum?

The school holidays are upon us and for many parents that means hot and bothered kids lolling around the house complaining about being bored. Well, we think we have a solution! 

All through the summer, Brighton Toy and Model Museum will be opening on Mondays, meaning that we’ll now be open six days a week. On weekdays we open at ten, eleven on Saturdays. You can see our admission prices and a few details about our exhibits on our website. As well as a vast array of toys, models, puppets and games, we have air con and plenty of seats, just so you know!

Our next Playday takes place on August 21 and the theme is “The Jungle”. How cool is that? There will be jungly themed activities including arts and crafts, games, facepainting, and a story too. Activities take place from 2pm to 4.30pm and if your kids want to dress up as lions or tigers or bears (oh my!) then we certainly encourage that.

Our guided tours are still available on Thursday afternoons too. If you’re a particularly big fan of any of the toys or models that we have on display then come along for a free tour. They take in many of the aspects of the toys that we have on display, giving you details that it wasn’t possible to fit on the cards. The tours are particularly good if you have a special interest in something and you’d like a chat. You can ask somebody to show you around any time, but the scheduled tours take place on Thursday afternoons at three. (regular admission fees apply)

Monday, 25 April 2016

Donation: In memory of Michael Gilkes

On display: the Great Central 
Today we put out a new display exhibit, a brown, cream and gold Great Central Railway clerestory-windowed Corridor Coach, made by Bing for Bassett-Lowke in gauge 1 in around ~1904.

It's an early, rare and imposing piece produced as part of a promotional arrangement between Bassett-Lowke Ltd. and the Great Central Railway, and it's displayed behind our Bing/B-L GCR 1014 Sir Alexander locomotive, which was part of the same GC-BL production deal. As a historical aside, the high "spine" of the carriage has clerestory windows painted along the sides – the early Pullman carriages used this arrangement, with the overhead space allowing in extra daylight during the day, and also housing gas lamps for lighting during darker hours. This combination of wood, gas and flame was highly dangerous in a crash, and the shape of carriage roofs changed with the later introduction of electric lighting.

The purchase of the coach was funded by Audrey Gilkes in memory of her husband Michael Gilkes (1923-2014), one of the original founding trustees of the museum, who is much missed.